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The Sounds Page

Emmy Speech Emmy Speech Golden Globe Speech
NBC Service Announcement Rosie O'Donnell Interview Bionic Woman
Buy Bye Skit on SNL SNL Bye SNL Introduction
SNL Paul Immitation Helen On The Simpsons Helen On The Simpsons
Amazing Awake Lady Jamie's Back Hurts Jamie Impersonating Betty Boop
Big Man Bing Bang Boom Bite Me
Mad About You Blooper Mad About You Blooper Jamie Calling Coffee A Drug
Jamie Singing DayOh Jamie Explaining To Paul That He Is Dead Mad About You Holiday Greeting
Jamie In Labor Get The Mouse Jamie And Paul Singing National Anthem
Watch Out Nimrod Nosejob Do It On The Table
Peanut Si Senior Esta Pedro Jamie's Sick
Jamie And Lisa Singing Their Song Slob Short Theme Song For Mad About You
Get Some Of Those Things If I Had Two Tongues My Uterus Hurts